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What's the Fuss About Palm Oil? | Valor Organics

What's the Fuss About Palm Oil?

Here at Valor, its a Palm Oil Free Zone!   We are committed to NEVER using Palm Oil or Palm products and their derivatives. It's Easy! However... Palm Oil Tree plantations are a massive industry. Particularly in Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia. Millions of hectares of rainforest habitats have been cleared and continue being cleared by bulldozing and burning. You may have seen the images taken from space showing dark clouds of smoke over vast areas of Asia & South America caused by burning off native Rainforests, in order to plant more Palm Oil trees. Many species, including Orangutans, are either...

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How to Shave with Valor | Valor Organics

How to Shave with Valor

How to Shave with Valor First up, we know every man develops his own unique Modus Operandi for shaving, but here is a tried and proven methodology for the cleanest shave, and a good place to start. We endorse the old fashion wet shave with a brush and safety razor. It is still the most painless and efficient way to achieve the cleanest shave! And multiple blades and turbo pivots aren’t going to change that. Start with a good quality stainless steel razor (you won’t find anything sharper) and it’s going to be a lot cheaper and environmentally friendly, than replacing those disposable...

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