Packaging and Recycling

We don't want to contribute to the enormous waste management problem the Earth has.  There are 'continents' of plastic floating in our ocean.  At Valor Organics, we carefully consider the packaging of our products, and recycle wherever possible.

We choose not to purchase and use further packaging as a marketing tool, where a product is already in a container – E.g. the Shaving soap and Beard Balms. We upcycle and reuse clean boxes, bubble wrap and packaging that we collect from businesses who receive a lot of excess packaging that they would otherwise throw away, tons of it in fact.  New packaging is made and discarded everyday and this could be greatly minimised if companies stopped buying it for convenience.   Sure it takes a little time to collect others clean packaging but its so worth it.  On our Shaving soap refills we  use a  recycled cardboard box for the soap refills, to avoid damage in transit.

We use recyclable glass where ever possible and our labels are recyclable PET.

So you may receive a product wrapped in bubble wrap, or newspaper as padding, but we are just giving it a 'second  life' - we hope you agree.

We encourage you to reuse and recylce the wrapping too, and so on.  Plastic lasts a long time.


Note:  Our Face Wash and Shaving Foam are packaged in recyclable PET containers as we have been unable to find glass vessels, which will fit the foaming mechanism… still looking though.