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Detox Your Pits! | Valor Organics

Detox Your Pits!

You’ve probably heard the phrase “detox your pits” in overdrive lately, encouraging you to go deodorant free and rid yourself of aluminium and other nasties. But did you know, it's actually antiperspirant that you should think about ditching, and you can do so without having to worry about a life of body odour.  What if you could keep using deodorant and get the benefits of going natural? Seems like isolation is the perfect time to give it a go, right? DON'T DITCH YOUR DEODORANT, BUT DO GO NATURAL  Deodorant is doubly important. First, it neutralises your body’s own signature scent (perhaps musky top...

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The Rise of The Safety Razor | Valor Organics

The Rise of The Safety Razor

Safety Razors are the new iPhone…well not quite, but sales have exploded around the world, as men everywhere aspire to own the early 20th century designed shaving tool. The recent trend of interest in all things traditional (Hipsters are not the only ones!) including "old fashioned" shaving methodologies, maybe a reaction to the recent worldwide recession or just a natural swing back to using well-made products that are durable and that can be passed on rather than thrown away.  New generations are discovering that LOW-TECH may cost more upfront, but be cheaper in the long run, as well as being...

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Tame your beard | Valor Organics

Tame your beard

Whether you’re rocking a luscious lumberjack beard, or you pride yourself on keeping a clean jawline, it’s important to value the health of both the skin and whiskers to tame your beard. Valor includes a range of organic, artisan-made beard and skincare products for the man who values not only a healthy face but also a healthy planet. PLUS they've just had a little grooming themselves ;) Made from the finest organic macadamia and hemp oils, as well as an array of other essential oils, Valor Beard Tamer (formally known as Beard Balm) moisturises the skin and prevents dryness. The...

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In the war on bacteria, Are all soaps equal? | Valor Organics

In the war on bacteria, Are all soaps equal?

IN THE WAR ON BACTERIA, ARE ALL SOAPS EQUAL? As we know, short of a vaccine, hand-washing with soap and water is the number one way to prevent infection. And yes, this applies to all soap (as long as you're washing for minimum 20 seconds). This is because, at the molecular level, soap breaks things apart including microbes such as the corona-virus. The motion of vigorous scrubbing with soap and water is what removes these microbes from the skin, which is partly why hand-washing is more effective than sanitizer. Alcohol-based sanitizer is a good backup when soap and water are...

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Taking (self)care of you | Valor Organics

Taking (self)care of you

Many men, and their significant others, believe that they could dedicate a little more time to their self-care and grooming routines. Sometimes getting out of bed, splashing your face with water, and putting a hat on can do the trick; however, most would agree that some of us could be putting a little more work into our physical and mental health through self-care. Small efforts like moisturising, shaving and styling your hair can go a long way in improving your day-to-day well-being and raising your confidence. There are ample ways to improve your self-care and grooming routines through attainable, affordable...

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The dirt about Soaps | Valor Organics

The dirt about Soaps

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SOAP  Historically, soap was made from vegetable oils, such as olive oil, aromatic oils (such as Thyme or Laurel oil) and lye (al-Soda al-Kawia) and was first produced by Muslim chemists in the medieval Islamic world. Some theories maintain the Romans first discovered Soap when the fat from the roasting meat trickled through the ash from the fire into the river, making foam. Either way, the basic formula for soap hasn’t changed since then. Get the dirt about soaps and everything you need to know about Olive Oil Soaps. Olive Oil Soap is the...

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